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Dreams and Death


The Butterfly Queen
The Greeks believed that a new human soul was born each time an adult butterfly emerged from its cocoon.

Call me Julie. What's your pleasure?

Butterflies have been used by the Chinese and Japanese cultures for centuries as symbols of joy and the essence of happiness.

Me? No. There are others here for that sort of play.

The Blackfeet Indians believe that dreams are brought to us in sleep by a butterfly.

There are other sorts of indulgence, after all.

Native American Indian legends told that butterflies would carry the wishes to the Great Spirit in heaven to be granted.

And there are other things. The things that come afterwards.

The Irish believe that butterflies are the souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory.

The things that come before.

Among the Nagas of Assam the dead are believed to go through a series of transformations in the underworld and are finally reborn as butterflies. When the butterfly dies, that is the end of the soul forever.

Everyone wants something, here.

Early Europeans believed that the human soul took the form of a butterfly so, they viewed the butterfly with great respect and often with fear.

I hope you get what you need.

((This is a role-playing journal. The character concept is my own, and copyrighted, so no stealing. The images are from Getty Images. Brushes, etc from various places; links (usually) available on request. Quotes in this profile from Butterflies & Blazes. All else credited on use.))